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Dr. Bryder opened his clinic in 1990, offering chiropractic care to all ages and a warm and welcoming environment. From babies to grandparents every member of your family can benefit from a natural vitalistic approach to care.

Increasing Health and Decreasing Pain

The team at Bryder Chiropractic Clinic realize that a persons pain is an effect and not the cause of their problem. Our Doctors know to focus on the cause of the pain and determine the right type of care needed to start the body’s healing process.

We look forward to sharing the true value of chiropractic care with you. When your body functions at a higher level you can see your entire well-being improve.

Improving the Wellness of All AgesStaff with children

Did you know that many childhood health issues respond well to chiropractic care?

Considering tubes for your child’s ears for repeated ear infections, or infantile torticollis or digestive issues? Our Doctors can evaluate these issues and determine the right course and in most cases these issues can be handled conservatively.

Our Doctors also see many children who play sports such as cross country, football, basketball, volleyball or swimming, helping them stay in the game and remain injury free.

Get the care you need from our experienced, knowledgeable team. Book your time with us today!

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